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angi kitten

Name: Angi
Age: 26
Location: France
Instagram: @angikitten
Hello I'm Angi but everyone calls me Gigi. I'm so honored to be part of the girl gang. I was introduced to Lola's ears because of Instagram and through a friend of mine but I truly fell in love with my ears because of Luby&Lola.
I'm a crazy cat lady who is obsessed by pink things and Disney. Especially Marie from the Aristocats; she's my bae. I have a huge collection of her.
I love taking pictures at the park, meeting characters, eating cute treats, laughing with my friends in the attractions and shows, just living my best life at DLP.
I'm really proud to be a brand rep for Luby&Lola and wearing their ears at Disneyland Paris so everyone can enjoy the beauty of them!
Oh and one last thing, I'm a bit crazy and funny, I hope you will enjoy my adventures being part of this Girl Gang!
Favourite Disney Characters: Marie, Berlioz, Thumper, Belle, Chip and so many others!
Top 3 Disney movies:
  1. Aristocats
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. Bambi
Favourite Castle: Aurora's because the Disneyland Paris castle has a special place in my heart.
Choose your Disney sidekick: Chip (Marie isn't a sidekick right?!)
Favourite things to do at the parks: Meeting characters and taking cute pictures.
Earliest Disney memory: My first meeting with Chip&Dale when I was 4 or 5. I don't remember which one of them but they put their finger in my eye, so total disaster but a funny memory!
Favourite Disney Song: Tale As Old As Time/Everybody Wants To Be A Cat. I can't choose between those two!