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Name: Beth Porter
Age: 23
Location: Glasgow
Instagram: @bethgporter
YouTube: Bethg Porter
I'm Disney obsessed and have been from a very young age, only in recent years did I really begin to let my Disney collection grow and then started my own blog and YouTube channel to share the love with others. During the process I've met so many people and made great friends like Lola, I fell in love with her ears and have quite a big collection now!
Favourite Disney Characters: Belle, Chip & Mrs Potts, Cogsworth & Lumiere, Moana and many more!
Top 3 Disney films:
  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. Moana
  3. The Lion King

Favourite Castle: DLP Sleeping Beauty Castle

Your Disney sidekick: Chip

Favourite thing to do at the parks: Drink hot chocolate and watch the parades and illuminations. 

Earliest Disney Memory: With my family at Disneyland CA I was about 7 maybe younger and Cinderella was walking through the parks and I remember getting so excited and shouting to my mum that there was a real life princess before my eyes. She approached me and I remember her being so kind and gentle. I still have the photo to this day. She may not be my favourite princess, but a memory I will remember forever.

Favourite Disney Song: Be Our Guest