Name: Francesca
Age: 22
Location: East Midlands
Instagram: @frxnkiexo_
A few facts about me:
  • My favourite colours are Rose Gold, White and Millennial Pink.
  • I am a crazy dog lady & animal lover.
  • I love being creative.
Favourite Disney Characters: Rapunzel, Peg (Lady and the Tramp), Thumper and Miss Bunny, Marie, Bolt, Pua, Mickey and Minnie. Disney dogs in general!
Top 3 Disney movies: 
  1. Tangled
  2. Lady and the Tramp
  3. The Lion King
Favourite Castle: Sleeping Beauty’s (DLP), because it was my very first park, but Cinderella’s because it is the most magical, unforgettable experience!
Choose your Disney sidekick:  Pascal and Pua – I just cannot choose between them!! (Or in real life Lexi, Rosalie & Summer, my 3 pups) ;)
Favourite things to do at the parks:  Watch the parades/fireworks, eat all the Disney snacks, and most definitely ride It’s A Small World.
Earliest Disney memory:  Walking down Main Street USA (in Disneyland Paris), when I was 2 years old, with a shopping bag nearly as big as me haha! I’ve always loved a good Disney Haul.
Favourite Disney Song: This varies so much because I love so many, but at the moment it has to be Wind In My Hair, from Tangled Before Ever After.