Floral Bridesmaid Headband


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Floral Bridesmaid Headband
Floral Bridesmaid Headband

Finding the perfect veil is pretty easy, there's so many to choose from. But your girls need to have amazing headbands too, right?!

Why not have your bridesmaids in these magical floral ears. They're also pretty keepsakes and elegant enough for wedding photo props too!


Sparkle ears are sparkly on the front only.


Amount of letters is limited to fit onto the ears. Words are made of lightweight glittery thin card and provided by Grace at the Belle Jar Company

Please make sure you pack these carefully so you don't damage the names.

This listing is MUST be purchased with a pair of Luby&Lola ears. We do not send out words on their own or to add to ears you already own.


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