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2023 Luby&Lola Top 10 Best Sellers

Louise Bearder

ūüéČ Drumroll, please! ūüéČ

Calling all ear aficionados and Disney dreamers! As we wave goodbye to another magical year, it's time to unveil the ultimate list that made 2023 sparkle just a little bit brighter: presenting the drumroll intensifies Top 10 Selling Ears of 2023 at Luby&Lola!

Breaking in at the tenth spot, we have...

minnie mouse ears with the name ELLA in rose gold and blush pink sequin

Breaking into the top ten, presenting our Custom Sequin Name Ears!

Why? Because everyone deserves their moment in the Disney spotlight! Crafted with dazzling sequin ears, a big sequin bow, and your very own name sparkling on top of glittery foam squares nestled in the heart of your bow. It's personalised magic that's bound to grab attention from the Cast Members at the parks!





Taking the ninth spot is...

deluxe minnie mouse bride veil

Wow, it's the Princess Bride veil! 

A deluxe Minnie Mouse veil that's simply dripping with glam! We're talking sequined ears, a large sequin bow, and the pièce de résistance? The word 'Bride' atop glittery squares, straight out of the Disneyland dreamland. It's pure enchantment packaged in a veil fit for royalty! Because everyone needs to know you're the Bride!

white and gold minnie mouse veils

Because you can choose the colours of your ears, bow and squares we got to create lots of different versions of these beauties. But all White or White and Rose Gold, were the most popular options. No surprise there! 

This veil is more to the higher end of your budget, so if you're looking for a cheaper option we have lots more that are still beautiful, but cost a little less. Because you deserve to feel beautiful, no matter the cost. Check out all of our veils here just in case we don't see anymore veils in the Top 10. 


Making its entrance at the eighth spot is...

 candy cane minnie mouse ears in red and green for christmas


Who knew candy canes could be a year-round delight? Feast your eyes on our Candy Cane Swirl ears‚ÄĒthese beauties are a hit beyond just the holiday season, perfect for your sweet Disneybound look any time of year!

The best part? You can create your very own version! Whether it's the classic red and white Christmas candy cane vibes or dreamy pastel candy swirls, these ears are super sweet!



Sliding into the seventh spot, we have...

minnie mouse ears with a birthday age in the centre of a sequin bow

Celebrating birthdays at Disney is truly magical! And what better way to feel like royalty than with a pair of custom Birthday Minnie ears flaunting your age?

Here's the scoop: You get to pick your bow and the colour of your number, making sure it matches your outfit or your favorite character. It's your special day, and these ears are your ticket to princess treatment at the parks!

birthday minnie mouse ears with a number in the middle of a sequin bow on a light pink background


Entering the countdown at the sixth spot is...

pink ears with a light pink flower crown abd a rose gold sleeping beauty crown with AB crystal details in front of the castle at Disneyland Paris on a sunny day

Behold the stunning Deluxe Briar Rose Crown Ears, stealing the spotlight yet again!

It's no wonder these beauties are a fan favourite. I mean, who could resist a pair of ears adorned with a gorgeous flower crown and a sparkling Sleeping Beauty crown, complete with mesmerizing AB crystal details? These are the cherry on top of your princess outfit, destined to make your park visit absolutely enchanting!

Moving up the ranks to claim the fifth spot is...


Check it out - yet another set of Christmas ears ruling the Top 10! Our Christmas Extravaganza Ears are absolute crowd-pleasers during the festive season, but you know what's impressive? We've got some seriously organised folks ordering these delights all year round!

And why wouldn't they? Picture this: Gingerbread Mickey and Minnie, Candy Canes, Christmas Trees, all decked out with a sparkly and glittery 'Merry Christmas' to top it off! The pink¬†version tends to steal the show, but let's not forget the red and green combo‚ÄĒit's a close contender for popularity!

merry christmas ears at disneyland paris



Swooping into the fourth spot is...

It's our Fashion Bow Ears! Ideal for budget-conscious Disney enthusiasts aiming to complete their look without breaking the bank. Also, they're absolute must-haves for group gatherings like Hen Parties or Birthdays!

Here's the scoop: Take your pick from over 36 different shades for the satin bow color, allowing you to craft the perfect pair that screams 'YOU' in the most fabulous way possible!


And here we are, hitting the top 3!

Securing the top 3 spot, we have our enchanting 3 Fairies ears, drawing inspiration from the trio in Sleeping Beauty. The bow's centerpiece shines with a glittery hat reminiscent of the characters, and you've got the choice to add or skip a short veil for that extra touch.

These beauties often team up with our Sleeping Beauty ears, offering a fresh spin on hen weekend adventures to the Disney parks‚ÄĒan absolute stroke of brilliance, if you ask us!


We're racing towards the second spot!

Landing firmly at number 2, we've got our beloved Fluffy Sulley Ears! It's no wonder these beauties are such a hit‚ÄĒthey're just irresistibly fluffy, and trust us, photos really don't capture their full charm!

Pair them with a satin or sequin bow to complete your Monsters Inc Disneybound, and you'll be turning heads left and right at the parks, attracting nothing but admiration! These ears are pure magic!


We've arrived at the number 1 spot! Any guesses on what's taken the crown?

Birthdays are your fave! The reigning champions of 2023, our top-selling Minnie Mouse ears, are none other than our Sequin Birthday Girl Ears. You've made these an absolute sensation, and guess what? We've expanded the variations, so you might just spot them in next year's Top 10 too!

Imagine sequin ears adorned with 'Birthday Girl' across glittery squares on the headband. But here's the magic touch: you call the shots on the colors‚ÄĒafter all, it's YOUR birthday! Prepare for the royal treatment at the parks with these stunners. Consider it our gift to you!


That's a wrap for 2023! A massive THANK YOU to everyone who supported our shop this year. Whether you snagged a sticker or splurged on a pair of ears, I'm truly grateful. I understand times were tough for all, so every order, big or small, means the world.

Here's to the upcoming year, I'm excited to se which ears steal your hearts. Your ongoing support lets me keep crafting these enchanting accessories as my grown-up job. Thank you for letting me sprinkle a bit of magic into your world!

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