Our magical ears are shipped out in up to 2 weeks from the UK! Grab a Fast Pass for priority delivery!

Turnaround Time


Each and every one of our amazing ears is lovingly crafted by Lola herself at the Luby&Lola studio in beautiful Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. How awesome is that?

Please note that due to the incredible amount of love and care that goes into each pair of ears, our current turnaround time for shipping orders is up to approximately 2 weeks. But trust us, the wait will be well worth it once you see your gorgeous new ears!


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Want your order to arrive before the clock strikes midnight? No worries! Just add some extra Pixie Dust to your cart and we'll make your order a priority and ship it ASAP.

Once you've paid and we've verified your payment, your item will be added to our magical Bibbidi Bobbidi Queue. Then our team of fairy godmothers will work their magic to make sure your order is made up and dispatched as soon as possible!






Shipping from our magical workshop can take up to 9 working days once marked as shipped. We recommend allowing for the full 2-week turnaround, plus shipping time and possible delays when considering placing an order for your next enchanted adventure.

Don't be a late sleeper, order early to avoid disappointment!

Please note that Tinkerbell has moved on to other pursuits and is no longer available to assist with Magic Mail delivery. But fear not, we have entrusted your precious package to the capable hands of the Royal Mail and your local postal service. While we can't control the speed of your package's journey, we promise to sprinkle it with as much pixie dust as possible to ensure its safe arrival to you.