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I've ordered some ears, when will they arrive?

Processing time can vary depending on how busy we are. Sometimes it can be up to 1-2 weeks whereas others will be up to 6 weeks, especially in busy periods. 

Check our Turnaround Times for the current wait list.


What does turnaround mean?

When we say 'turnaround time' it means an average amount of time for your ears to be made up and sent out. This time does not include shipping.

Yes, we know it doesn't take several weeks to make up one pair of ears but that might be the time it takes for Lola to get to your spot on the waiting list.


I need some ears to be shipped out earlier than the processing time stated. What should I do?

You will need to purchase a Fast Pass to have you order processed as soon as we can! Grab your Fast Pass here.

Please keep in mind that your order still needs to be made up, just for you. 

Please add a note about the date needed so we can advise if this is not possible. 

International customers - please remember that shipping is still at least 5-9 working days once marked dispatched. We cannot offer a faster service.

What is the best way to get in touch with you girls?

You can send a message to contact@lubyandlola.co.uk or over on our Etsy store. We aim to reply to you in up to 2-3 working days. 

We do include a lot of information here in our FAQs as well as each individual product information which covers most of the general questions. 

We do not answer order queries via Instagram.

Thank you for your patience when waiting for a response!


I'm still waiting on my order arriving. What should I do?

First, have you allowed for the current turnaround time stated plus shipping?

If you are still to receive an item after the estimated delivery date please be patient and give it a few days, just in case there has been a delay at the Post Office.

Please be aware that we have exactly the same information as you once we have dropped an order with the Post Office and have NO further control or knowledge of the item location.

Once our Royal Mail service has delivered to your country it is then handed over to your local delivery service. Delays may sometimes be due to customs checks, slow local delivery services or busy periods of the year i.e. Christmas, Halloween, etc.

For international customers it is one month's wait from point of dispatch before your item can be classed as 'lost'


My order has gotten lost/broken during shipping can I get a replacement?

If your order has gotten lost or broken during delivery we will refund the full amount of your order. Unfortunately we no longer offer replacements in these cases.

Any cases opened due to loss/damage will be refunded.

We are more than happy for you to reorder once we have refunded your order to place another order with us. And we'll usually offer a discount if your order has been lost/damaged during shipping.