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Best Sellers March

luby and lola best sellers january 2019
What were you loving last month? Do you think you know what our Best Seller will be? Is it your favourite pair?
Let's have a look!

donald duck


Starting us off at Number 10 are our Donald ears. This pair shows ALL THE DONALDS button option. Why have one Donald when you can have three??

You can buy these from our  Luby and Lola Etsy shop.



Simba Mickey Mouse Ears

We always have a good few orders of these Simba ears each month but now they've made it into the Top 10, in at Number 9! Sparkly gold ears with lion ears and a fluffy mane. Perfect for both girls and boys!


burgundy and ivory floral minnie mouse headband

It's SO GOOD to see these in the Top 10. We always love the colour combinations you girls make with these Two Colour Rose Ears. The burgundy and cream are always a big favourite though, they do always look so elegant and beautiful. 


magical mermaid headband

Who doesn't want to be a mermaid? And with the Magical Mermaid ears, you can! 

We're so happy these have jumped into Number 7! We've had these sequins for so long and one morning had the chance to create these beauties and you lot have been loving them ever since!

(Also how awesome is this planner from Primark?!)



You can't go wrong with a bit of sparkle can you?

We know these crystal beauties are always going to be in the Top 10. How can you love Disney and not love a bit of sparkle?!




cinderella minnie mouse ears


We've made sooooo many different colours in our Satin Bow Minnie Ears. They're great for hen weekends or a simple addition to your park outfit.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate this masterpiece from @xdisneyrella please? #GOALS



buzz lightyear headbands

Honestly, I don't know how these Buzz Lightyear headbands aren't higher up because I have a mountain of them to do!

They look perfect for a Toy Story outfit and so fun to match the Woody pair with your BFF!


floral sleeping beauty headband

Who wouldn't want to be know as the Queen of Naps

These have been super popular again this month, as well as the Rapunzel version too!


floral tangled inspired headband pretty nails disney flat lay


....Whaaaaaaat? Rapunzel ears are in at Number 2, who on earth has knocked them off the top spot people?!


minnie ears with sequin bow

Our NEW Best Sellers are our Sequin Bow Minnie Ears! Whether in group orders, individual orders these have been hot stuff! We've made them up in all the colours under the sun but Rose Gold is probably the most popular.

Gorgeous photo by the amazing @bethgporter.

Will our Rapunzel ears make it back to Number 1 next month? We will have to wait and see!

Don't forget, you can win 20% off each month over on our Instagram account by guessing our Best Seller!

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