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Best Sellers of 2019!

Louise Bearder

luby and lola best sellers january 2019
Wow, how quickly did 2019 fly by? We're looking forward to a new year of new magic and adventures with you.
But what did we all love last year? We're going into our Top 10 Best Sellers of 2019, do you think you can guess which is at the Number One spot? Here's a clue... it's not the ones you think!

cute pink minnie ears budget disney headbands


Starting off our Top 10 is our favourite Belle, @sarahlbelle in our Pretty Bow ears.

Sparkle ears with a net bow and perfect for small budgets! They're super popular for hen weekends at Disneyland.


fluffy marie ears

If it's cute and fluffy, we're gonna need it! We expected these to be higher on the list as it feels like we did soooo many of them (or maybe we just remember them more because we get covered in the fluff when making?!)

But our fluffy marie ears are really cute and always look gorge on Instagram pics too. Who doesn't love that sassy little kitten?



park ready


Here's @bethgporter looking Park Ready! With so many colours to choose from for your bow these are always a great option to add to your outfit. Obviously our girl Beth, has gone for her lilac colour! Our Satin Chic bow headbands are also another fave for Hens.


infinity and beyond ears

We're not going to infinity and beyond today, just to Number 7! Our Space Ranger ears are always a great choice and perfect for character interactions. Lots of besties purchase our Sheriff ears to compliment their outfits.



lion headband


We've definitely been working on our RAWR making all of these ears! With the Lion King being released last year everyone needed their favourite cub for their chosen look!  Our Lion Headband is super cute and looks great with a wild outfit for a trip to Animal Kingdom.



Okay, I have to admit... this was a surprise to me! I don't know why because... I make them? But I didn't realise these had gone crazy last year. I remember making lots I just didn't realise just how many!

So these 3 Fairy Headbands are most popular with a veil and usually as a three. I do have odd ones requesting the pink version with a veil. They're really cute to match with a Sleeping Beauty, especially if she's the Bride to Be!



stitch bow


You knew there was going to be a Stitch pair up here, right? Our Stitch ears are super popular but these were everyone's favourites. You can only purchase our Stitch ears via out Etsy Shop.



These ears weren't even available at the beginning of 2019 so that they've climbed right up to the Top 3 says a lot! Everyone went crazy for these, especially towards the last half of the year. We feel these Floral Rapunzel Crowns will be a big hit for 2020 too!


floral rapunzel headband


Girls, this is not a drill. These are NOT the No.1 Best Seller is 2019! (What The..?)

These were the Best Sellers for most of last year but they began to drop the last few months (not much call for floral when it's raining and dull!) So our Rapunzel ears only made it to the Number 2 spot for 2019!


So what on earth is at Number 1?!



mouse ears with sequin bows custom colours luby and lola


And our Best Seller of 2019 are our Sequin Bow Ears! We have a mountain of colours to choose from so they're a great addition to your outfit and they don't cost you the earth either. So you have more dollars for your merch addiction or ya know, more ears.... Or is that just me?!

Another gorgeous pic from the beauty that is @bethgporter.


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