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Louise Bearder

fluffy ears minnie headband sulley monster mickey ears


It looks like everyone wants to get fluffed up!

Customers are going WILD for our fluffy monster ears.


sulley mickey ears sequin bow monsters inc ears luby and lola shop ears


Made with turquoise and purple marabou they are super FLUFFYYYYYYY WE'RE GONNA DIE. And topped with a purple bow - satin or sequin! Which would you go for?


People see these ears and instantly know the character (always a good thing!) and we always get messages that they got a lot of interactions in the parks when wearing these too.


fluffy minnie ears sequin minnie ears sulley ears luby and lola ears


You can have these ears fluffy front and back or fluffy on the front only! If you choose to have a sequin back you can also upgrade to monster spots!


Now, get ready.... IT'S SCARIN' TIME! Have a look at our reel below for some fluffyness!





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