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Ear Drop!

Happy Tangled Tuesday! And what better day to drop some new Rapunzel ears?!

rapunzel headbands

Introducing three new designs of our favourite princess!

First up are our tangled hair ears with a punzie braid snaking around the ears. With flower details of course!

rapunzel braids headbands

rapunzel hair detail ears luby and lola princess headband

rapunzel mickey ears

Next up are our mountains of hair rapunzel ears. Because who doesn't want hair like hers?

Ears made out of hair.

Okay, so not really. But that would kind of be like those jumpers made out of cat hairs so we thought this way was better?

rapunzel hair ears luby and lola

rapunzel plait braids close up flowers ears luby and lola headbands


And our last design, a Rapunzel hair inspired bow

rapunzel bows

I'm not entirely sure I can choose a favourite.... Can you?




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