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Sunshine Creations: A Week of Magical Ears

Louise Bearder

Curious to see the amazing pretties we whipped up last week? Get ready to be dazzled as we dive right into this mountain of ears and take a peek!


black minnie mouse ears with pink floral crown bachelorette weekend ears pink ears lubyandlola ears UK
Everyone seems to be getting ready to embrace the sunny vibes with our ever-popular Floral Fantasy ears! Crafted with love, these soft black Minnie ears and adorned with a stunning pink floral crown, these beauties are an absolute must-have for the Flower and Garden festival.
The pink option is always the most popular, but will this change this year? 



Who says growing up is a must? We believe in cherishing our inner child and embracing the magic of Minnie ears, even when we reach the milestone of 60! Speaking of magic, take a peek at this enchanting Birthday Babe ears. Featuring lilac sequin bow, perfectly complemented by a dazzling gold and lilac age centerpiece. The colour combination is absolutely divine, and we can't help but adore it!



Why should princesses hog all the spotlight? It's time for us to shine and make a name for ourselves at the parks! Forget about name badges; we want our name to grace our ears, loud and proud!

We were beyond thrilled to tackle this fantastic group order for our custom name Minnie Mouse ears! The customer entrusted us to select the perfect colours for the name squares that would beautifully complement their sequin ears, and boy, did they turn out spectacular! We're overjoyed with the final result and can't wait for the customer to see their stunning personalized creation!

(spoiler alert, they left an amazing review yesterday YAY!)



rose gold minnie mouse ears sequin ears with custom names personalised mouse ears uk

 Alright, can we all take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of the rose gold ones? Seriously, let's bask in the glory of these enchanting colours. They're absolutely stunning, don't you think?


Guess what? You're in for a treat because we have a pair of Rapunzel ears right here! But hold on, don't act surprised – we're fortunate enough to create a brand new version each and every week!

This time around, we've crafted the Floral Gleam and Glow Ears with luscious white velvet, adorned with dazzling printed glitter suns, a majestic gold crown, and a delicate pink rose crown. Let us tell you, this version has us swooning! It's absolutely refreshing and brings a delightful twist to the beloved Rapunzel theme.



4th birthday minnie mouse ears lubyandlola pink and silver ears disney birthday

Oh, to relive the enchantment of being four years old, experiencing the magic of the parks as if it were our very first time! The joy, the awe, and the pure delight that fills every moment!

And it's another magnificent pair of Birthday ears! This time, we've adorned silver ears with a delightful blush pink bow, accompanied by a matching silver and pink number addition.



We've been mesmerized by yet another Fantasy Floral headband, but with a twist! This time, we've crafted a stunning blue flower crown that will leave you in awe. Their beauty is truly captivating and can certainly give the pink version a run for its money. 



Every now and then, a pair of sequin ears that are simple and elegant can work wonders. This particular set, in delightful shades of aqua and mint green, serves as a striking reminder of that very fact!

Sometimes, it's the understated beauty that captivates our hearts and reminds us of the magic in simplicity.


 luby and lola new minnie ears quote

So, those were just a few of our most cherished creations from last week. We genuinely felt incredibly fortunate, basking in the warmth of the sunshine (a rare occurrence in England!) with our doors open at home, crafting exquisite ears for our absolutely lovely customers!

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