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Ears of the week!

Louise Bearder

Just what are you fantastical favourite ears from the past week? What have we been selling the most of on our shop here and Etsy store? Do you think you have an idea?


Well, I can tell you, you'll be wrong. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was going to be the Best Sellers from the past week (Don't tell anyone but I do happen to have insider knowledge...) and boy, I was wrong!


So what was the FAVES from last week? It was our Satin Chic Minnie Ears


minnie mouse ears to match your wedding colours satin bow lubyandlola ears shop


They're simple enough to complete your outfit (whether you're going casual or fantastical) and there's over 36 colours to choose from for your satin bow so they can be themed to your favourite character/outfit/bag/wedding theme/snack/WTF you want. 

The hardest part is choosing the colour you want... 

custom bow mouse ears luby and lola headbands

And here you can see they're also cute for wedding accessories! How cute do these guys look?!


ideas for a disney wedding

(from the gorgeous wedding created by our fave gal, Roxie!)

disney themed wedding accessory ideas lubyandlola headbands


The most popular choice this week has been to have the bows with soft black ears but we also have them available in sparkle silver ears and sparkle black, for a completely different look!

cinderella headband lubyandlola ears shop





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