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How To Plan Your Disney Vacation Outfits

If you're planning your next adventure to the happiest place on earth, you know that picking the perfect outfit is half the fun! But where to start?

Sometimes, we're just bursting with ideas or have so many outfits in mind that it's a bit tricky to narrow down what would work best. So let's make it simple.

Start with ONE thing to start with which can help develop your whole look!


plan your disney vacation outfits


Lets say you find the Loungefly bag that speaks to your Disney-loving soul—it practically screams "take me to the park!" Well, why not let that be the star of your outfit planning? Build your entire outfit around that must-have bag.


pink minnie ears matching pink loungefly bag

Or maybe you already own that perfect dress—the one that fits you like a dream and makes you feel like a real princess. You can pair it with a character-inspired accessories to elevate your look to Disney princess levels of style!

woody disneybound


Let's start with EARS....

If you've found the perfect ears, you don't need a full character outfit or an expensive bag because they will do the talking. Just match those colours to your ears and you have one effortless look ready to go!

disney outfit inspo


Or what if you really want to take your favourite dress with you? We all look better when we feel super comfortable in what we're wearing, so why not start with something like that? Not all park outfits need to be inspired by a character. Why not simply get some ears that compliment your dress colour? Then just grab some matching shoes and a bag and it's another outfit done!



It's just the same if you have a sweater on your wishlist from your fave small biz. Why not use that as your starting point? I get asked a lot to create ears to match peoples tees or sweaters and they tend to turn out gorge as you can see above!


buzz lightyear bag and ears


What if you really want an excuse for that loungefly bag?

Then get it, and make it inspire the rest of your outfit. There are always lots of ears to match the bags or you can splurge for a custom pair! Then you can get a simple outfit and shoes as to not outshine that fabulous bag!



Another thing to help you decide on your outfit? What park you're going to!

You have to think about those pictures, right? So what characters tend to be at that park? Is there a ride that is a perfect background for your look? What would look perfect in front of your fave disney wall?


Now we have your creative magic flowing the possibilites are endless! Have fun!




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