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January Best Sellers

What Minnie Ears did you love in January? We always expect January to be a quiet month after Christmas but last month was actually crazy! We sold 335 individual pairs of ears in January alone!

So let's take a look to see what everyone was loving in January. Can you have a guess which pair will be Number 1?


gold beauty and the beast minnie mouse ears disney princess

Starting at Number 10 are our Gold Beauty and the Beast ears with rose detail. These are really pretty and really bring together the ballroom scene that inspired them.




pink and blue minnie mouse ears sleeping beauty headband

We love our Make It Pink Make It Blue Minnie Mouse ears so we're glad that you love them too! This mixed up version has been the main favourite.




rose gold minnie mouse ears lubyandlola

Everyone loves rose gold! So our fully covered Minnie Mouse ears in Rose Gold has been a big favourite! 




cute minnie mouse ears lilac bow chip cup

Our Minnie Chic Ears with satin bow in the colour of your choice are in at the number 7 spot for January. Everyone is loving lilac, burgundy and red bows right now! Very popular for Disney Hen Weekends.

Photo is by the lovely Beth Porter.




pretty sequin mouse ears

Rose gold again! Our Sequin Minnie Mouse Ears with satin bow are also super popular. Especially in the rose gold and light pink combo shown. They do look so pretty together.




happy birthday minnie mouse ears

A lot of people are going to be really lucky in the upcoming months as we've had so many orders for our Birthday Minnie Mouse ears over the last month! And there's no one colour combo that really stands out, we've had a lot of variety.





Our foam floral Minnie Mouse ears have been so popular this month, especially with an added veil. We just love this version with a light pink bow.

Now for the Top 3 Best Sellers of Janaury 2018!



crystal covered minnie mouse ears bling headband

Oh yes, it's our crystal Minnie Mouse ears! Is it any wonder they're in the Top 3 when they sparkle and glitter?! These are definitely a personal fave of our own. Photos really don't do them justice until you see them in real life!




rapunzel inspired minnie mouse ears best seller January 2018

Now we are shocked because we feel like we do a mountain of these pretties! But yes, the floral Rapunzel ears are at the number 2 spot so who has stolen their crown?!

Photo is by the gorgeous Emily at @awhimsicalrose via Instagram.

And the best selling ears of January 2018 is....


minnie mouse ears red sequin bow rose gold sequin bow

Our Minnie Mouse ears with a sequin bow! The favourite colours have been red or rose gold but we did also have a group order of orange sequin bows too!


Did you think they would be at the Number 1 spot? We will let you off if you thought it would be Rapunzel as we did too!

Next month's Best Sellers could be completely different. We're excited to see what you let us create for February. Have a great month girlies!

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