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Enchanted Creations

Louise Bearder

Can you believe it? It has been nearly two whole weeks since we last shared our latest magical creations with you. Get ready to be awestruck as we show you a few of the absolute beauties that we created!

White rapunzel ears cream velvet mouse ears Luby and Lola ears

We're diving headfirst into the enchanting world of veils, and things are getting seriously busy over here! Our Floral Gleam and Glow ears with a veil have been an absolute hit, and we've been flooded with orders. Can we take a moment to appreciate just how chic they look in these stunning colours? It's a true high-end princess vibe, perfect for a magical hen weekend!

But hey, here's the exciting part: you can add a veil to ANY of our ears! That's right, you have the power to create your very own veil-adorned masterpiece. How amazing is that? Let your imagination run wild as you design a look that's uniquely yours.

Oh, and speaking of bridal elegance, our Velvet Glamour Minnie Ears are a perfect match for that bridal aesthetic too. They give a real touch of bridal magic that's simply irresistible. So, whether you're preparing for a dreamy hen weekend or just want to add a touch of bridal glam, we've got you covered!



Sleeping beauty disney  birthday headband

We've got some exciting news to share about our latest best sellers: the Birthday Beauty ears! These beauties have been flying off the shelves for the past two weeks, and it's no wonder why. Just look at this: dazzling sequin ears adorned with our exclusive 'Birthday Girl' squares and topped with a majestic gold Sleeping Beauty crown. Now, you can celebrate your special day AND show off your love for Aurora with just one pair of ears. Talk about a double dose of magic!

And here's the best part: we've got not one, but two fantastic versions for you to see this week. Feast your eyes on the "traditional" pink version that's giving true Sleeping Beauty energy, or embrace the magic with the stunning rose gold colored version. Can't decide which one we love more? We're right there with you!

So, if you're looking to rock a head-turning style while embracing your birthday spirit and adoration for Aurora, our Birthday Beauty ears are an absolute must-have. 


Personalised Minnie mouse ears for girls custom name now ears lubyandlola

Let's be honest, who doesn't want to be the Most Important Princess at the parks? Say goodbye to ordinary name tags and say hello to our extraordinary Name Ears! Trust us, they're a game-changer.

And here's the secret ingredient to make your ears truly shine: PINK! It's a timeless choice that never fails to captivate hearts. Plus, those lovely light pinks create a striking contrast next to the classic black ears, ensuring a look that's both eye-catching and stylish.



Lilo and stitch birthday headband stitch fan disney birthday trip accessories lubyandlola

If you're following the delightful @lubyandlola on Instagram, you're likely aware of our absolute obsession with that lovable blue mischief-maker, Stitch. So, naturally, we couldn't resist the temptation to create a special Stitch edition of one of our best-selling Birthday Girl ears!

These gorgeous sequin ears adorned with foam squares displaying the 'Birthday Girl' title, but with an adorable twist. We've added adorable Stitch faces on the front of each ear, making them irresistibly cute! Trust us, it's a sight that'll melt your heart.

Excited to get your hands on these one-of-a-kind Stitch-inspired ears? Well, you'll find them exclusively available for purchase over at our Etsy shop


30th birthday disney ears lubyandlola

Let us introduce you to our sensational Sequin Bow Birthday Ears, a true crowd-pleaser and one of our all-time favorites. And guess what? These beauties are not only amazing but also super budget-friendly for your special day!

Sparkly ears that are adorned with a dazzling sequin bow. But that's not all! Right at the center of the bow, we've added a touch of glitter with your age proudly displayed. It's like an instant birthday announcement that screams "I'm ready to party!"

So, if you're searching for the perfect blend of sparkle, style, and affordability, our Sequin Bow Birthday Ears are an absolute must-have. 



Minnie mouse ears 30th birthday disney ears ideas

 Introducing... *drumroll*... our Polka Party Birthday Ears! Can you believe it? Another stunning pair of 30th birthday Minnie Mouse ears, but this time, with a twist—polka dots!

A chic satin bow adorned with hand-cut glitter fabric polka dots, topped off with a glittery age announcement right in the centre. It's like a sparkling celebration right on your head! Move over, boring old badges—our Polka Party Birthday Ears are here to revolutionize the way you party in style!

So, if you're searching for the perfect accessory to rock your 30th birthday bash at the parks, look no further. 



Glitter Minnie mouse ears with rhinestone crown princess headband disney trip ears lubyandlola

Let's talk about the ultimate combination: simple, princess ears that won't break the bank on your park trip! Introducing our delightful Pretty Princess ears, designed with both your royal aspirations and budget in mind.

A charming satin bow adorned with a sparkling rhinestone crown, right at the centre. These Pretty Princess ears never fail to capture hearts and create magical moments. The best part? You get to choose the bow that perfectly matches your favorite character or even the colour of your fabulous dress. It's as easy as that, and you're all set to rock your Disney style!

So, whether you're strolling down Main Street or exploring the wonders of Fantasyland, these affordable yet enchanting ears will make you feel like true royalty.


Ears for birthday disney trips lubyandlola birthday girl disney headbands

You won't believe the excitement we feel every time we are able to create fresh and vibrant colour combinations for our Sequin Birthday Girl ears. Seriously, it's like an adrenaline rush of creativity! Can you even fathom that we hadn't whipped up a pair of fuchsia ears with a medley of mixed pink squares for our beloved 'Birthday Girl' before? Mind-blowing, right?

But prepare to unleash your enthusiasm because OMG, we have fallen head over heels for the orange and pink combination. It's like a burst of sunshine and sweetness rolled into one! 


Fluffy Cheshire cat Minnie mouse ears furry ears disney trip ear ideas

Oh my goodness, prepare yourselves for a fluffy explosion of cuteness! Seriously, these Crazy Cat ears are so incredibly soft and fluffy, we might just pass out from sheer joy! We all have those Cheshire cat moments where we feel a little mad, don't we? Well, get ready to take your madness to a whole new level with these super fluffy ears,  in crazy shades of pink and purple. They're guaranteed to make everyone in the park green with envy!

If you're looking to make a statement with your Disneybound outfit, look no further than our fluffy ears. Trust us, you'll be turning heads left and right! We constantly receive feedback from our amazing customers about how many compliments and comments they get when they rock these fluffy wonders.


Crystal bride to be veil lubyandlola veils

We had the pleasure of bringing to life yet another incredible customer-designed veil creation. Introducing our Crystal Tulle Bow ears, crafted with love using our Add A Veil option. And guess what? These beauties are perfect for a budget-friendly hen party!

A gorgeous white tulle bow, adorned with dazzling AB crystals that catch the light at every angle. But wait, there's more! Right at the center, there is a 'hidden' Mickey made entirely of sparkling crystals, adding that touch of Disney magic we all adore. Paired with our silver sparkle ears, this combination creates a truly sophisticated and glamorous look that's perfect for any Hen Party event.


Pastel mermaid sequin Minnie mouse ears

We don't always get a lot of spare time in the week, due to our orders and working at the Tutu Factory but we finally got some free time to dive into our overflowing treasure chest of magic and ended up creating these most magical pair of Mermaid ears! We didn't even have an idea in mind, we just went with the flow and we're glad that we did.

Created with iridescent pastel sequins, layered to look like mermaid scales in pastel colours. Topped with iridescent pink starfish, pearls and AB crystals and a pale pink matt sequin bow to carry on the Under The Sea theme we absolutely loved the outcome. 

You can find all our of One Of A Kind ears that are Ready To Post over on our Etsy shop. It's always worth a look if you need a pair last minute and to save adding the Rush Fee to your order.



Brace yourself for this amazing tidbit: our Birthday Girl ears can be transformed into Birthday Boy ears! Yep, you heard it right! We believe that every birthday deserves a touch of Disney magic, regardless of gender. So, for that special guy celebrating his 30th birthday, we've got a sensational black and royal blue combo that's just perfect. It's time to break the stereotypes and let the guys rock a fun Disney accessory on their big day too, don't you agree?

Here's the best part: all of our incredible Birthday Girl ears can easily be changed into Birthday Boy ears. We believe in inclusivity and celebrating everyone's unique style and preferences. So let's make sure that every birthday boy out there feels extra special and gets to flaunt their Disney spirit in a way that suits them perfectly!


Let's talk about something that brings pure joy to everyone—rainbows! I mean, who doesn't adore them, right? Now, hold onto your mickey ears because we have something extra special in store for all the birthday girls out there. Our Sequin Birthday Girl ears! These beauties are crafted with white sequin ears, just like fluffy clouds hovering over a magnificent rainbow. Can you imagine the enchanting combination?

It's the ultimate pair to wrap up today's delightful lineup. 


 No matter your age, wearing Minnie Mouse ears instantly makes you feel like a kid again.


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