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NEW! My Heart Has Ears

Lola Hancock

Does your heart have ears? Ours does!

Now, not everyone can wear ears everyday. Well, you can... but you might get a few funny looks! So now you can grab your ear fix with our new collection!

My Heart Has Ears is inspired by our fave ears in a heart shape. We're hoping to release a pin for each princess (possibly villains too!) And who knows, we could do a collection with tiaras and flower crowns instead of a bow. But we're getting carried away...

First up is our Rapunzel pin. Based on our Best Selling floral pretties.

rapunzel fantasy pin princess

floral rapunzel ears

Made in a heart shape with 'ears' and a bow. Includes floral detail on the ears and Rapunzel inspired corset dress at the bottom with shining gold detail.

This pin is 4.5 high and 5cm wide.

belle pin beauty and the beast pin

beauty and the beast ears


Our second Princess in the My Heart Has Ears collection, is our Belle pin inspired by our Golden Belle Ears.

Made in a heart shape with 'ears' and a bow. The ears on this heart are glittery with shining golden draping detail and red rose in the middle of the bow.

This pin is 4.5 high and 5cm wide.


What princess would you like to see next?


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