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We just passed 1000 reviews!

Louise Bearder

Wow! We've actually received over 1000 reviews on our Etsy shop, with an average item review of FIVE STARS!

luby and lola etsy shop


It is always lovely to get such awesome feedback from people who have purchased from our shop. Especially when it's something you've personally made (which is why sometimes you take it personally when someone doesn't love their ears as much as you!)


luby and lola reviews etsy

luby and lola ear reviews

august feedback luby and lola ears

These reviews are just from the first page of our shop at the moment. A big thank you to everyone who takes the time to come and leave a review, send us a message and tag us in their stories/posts. It really does mean the world and you can't understand how much it brings a little extra happiness to our day! so THANK YOU!

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