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What does 'Turnaround' mean?

Lola Hancock

It's one of those things where you know what you're talking about so you assume everyone else does.  Like, you know when you're talking to your friend about places in Disney in front of a friend who has literally no idea WTF you're talking about. 

"So, say you're on Main Street facing the castle... yes, well Victoria's is down on the right for Mickey waffles... YES OMG MICKEY WAFFLES! What? There's Mickey burgers? Where?! Ohhhh Frontierland, after Buzz Lightyear?" *non-Disney blank face*

Now we've waffled on about waffles for long enough.

What 'turnaround' means is generally how long you will be waiting for your ears to be made up and posted out to you. So you could also call it a Waiting List if you like! When you place an order with us you are then put into a queue of other orders waiting, and the turnaround is how long it takes us to work our way down that list and get to your order.

Sometimes, your order can be shipped out even earlier than the turnaround stated. Sometimes it might be a few days later, if we're super busy or if we've had a delay on deliveries to complete your order.

So, at least once a month we get the dreaded message. 'Why does it take so long to make up some ears?????' 😐

It doesn't. As explained earlier, the turnaround time is generally a 'waiting list' time. For example, right now we have 91 orders in our waiting list. That's 91 people that have an order waiting at the moment. That actually adds up to around 170 ears we need to make for all of those 91 individual people. 

Hopefully this explains in a little more detail for anyone that wasn't sure what Turnaround Time actually meant!





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