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You heard it ear first!

Louise Bearder


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Oh, mama! I have to get me a pair of these!

Not sure if you're new here but we're a pretty big Rapunzel fan. So is it any wonder we have more Punzie ears than other princesses?

You have probably seen one of best selling Floral Rapunzel Ears as a #FAVE before but this week, we have a new and improved version that has been our Best Selling pair this week!


princess rapunzel ears with tiara crown flower crown luby and lola best selling ears trending ears


Our new Floral Gleam and Glow ears are made with a gorgeous velvet fabric that is trimmed with metallic gold cord. Each ear has a Corona sun on the front. With a beautiful rose crown and glittery Lost Princess tiara that is topped with AB crystals in various shapes and sizes.


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We've got sparkle, we've got soft velvet, we've got flowers, we've got metallic trim. We threw EVERTHING at these ears for a true Rapunzel Extravaganza! 

These ears can be made in several colours, as well as different crown colours and rose colours.

You can also purchase them our our etsy store if you would prefer to go through that site! But please note ears are cheaper our our own website.

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