FOOLS! Villain Ears


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FOOLS! Villain Ears
FOOLS! Villain Ears
FOOLS! Villain Ears

How to know you're a villain? You shout FOOLS! at least once a day.


These villainous soft black Minnie Mouse ears are topped with glittery black horns and hand cut sparkly purple and green flames. They're finished off with a lilac satin bow.

These ears were designed especially for our girl, Roxie to match her Princess Rags Maleficent dress. You guys loved them so much that we've made them available for everyone!

Each ear is approximately 9cm high and 8.5cm wide.

Ears are cut by hand so are not 'perfectly' round. Each pair is made individually, just like yourself.

All of our ears are handmade especially for you at the Luby&Lola studio in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom by Lola.

Why not follow us on Instagram @lubyandlola for your daily dose of wickedness!


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