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Because who doesn't deserve Magic Mail right now?

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I'm just trying to hold it together until I can get back to Disney! So I decided to treat myself to some magical merch to feed my addiction until I can be back at the parks!


Not only do the guys at Couture Kingdom currently have a sale on lots of their products they're also giving away a free gift when you spend over £30. So how could I say no?

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I purchased two Disney Princess bracelets that I've had my eye on for a while. You know when you do your Christmas list on Amazon and no one buys it? Yep, still waiting! 

disney couture kingdom - box opening

(Yes, those lovehearts are indeed long gone)


I ordered them on Saturday evening and they arrived on Tuesday morning (Happy Tangled Tuesday!) Which was super fast considering the current lockdown situation. I'm still waiting on deliveries I placed at the beginning of last week, so I'm pretty sure they've had a little help of Pixie Dust for it to arrive so quickly...

disney couture jewellery boxes magic mail new purchase


CKUK Jewellery always has pretty packaging. Whether it's these boxes that my bracelets came in or I've also had a pretty lilac pouch with a necklace in. (They did get me one option from that Amazon list!)

disney princess bracelets


It's probably not going to be a shock that I purchased my fave girls, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty! I was only going to purchase just the one but, they were on sale... 

tangled rapunzel jewellery disney princess bracelet


The Rapunzel bracelet has a little Pascal, an R, a hairbrush, Punzie's silhouette, the sun symbol and of course Rapunzel's tower. 

I was worried that they were a little too small for me with the fit when I first looked at the but then when I put them on they actually fit perfectly. Not too big and not too loose!

sleeping beauty disney princess bracelet


The fact there there is a squirrel and a bird on this Sleeping Beauty bracelet makes it so much better! And ohhhh the crown is so pretty! There's also an Aurora silhouette of course.

couture kingdom treasure chest charm


I also received a free Peter Pan Treasure Chest charm for free because I spent over £30 in store! You can buy the charm today for £20. This week they're giving away a Pinocchio necklace if you spend over £30. They're pretty much paying us to buy right? Well, that's how I justified the spend to myself. Don't go judging me. 


Expect to see these bracelets popping up in my Instagram posts! My accountant will also see these being used as 'props' when I hand my books in...













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