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Behind the Magic: Packaging your Orders

Louise Bearder

behind the magic at luby and lola
We get a lot of comments about how receiving your order made you feel like a Princess and how you loved the little touches so we thought we'd show everyone how we pack up your orders.
Shopping online is pretty much a present to yourself, and that's how we want you to feel when you receive your Magic Mail!
Just recently we've designed our very own 'Magic Mail' labels to add to the outside of your parcel such as; Princess Post, Magic Mail, Minnie Mail and Pascal Post (our favourite!)
luby and lola magic mail
lubyandlola magic mail labels
For most of the designs I drew them up on my iPad and then edited and added text via PicMonkey. I print all of my packaging and post labels via my DYMO label printer.
lubyandlola behind the scenes
Once your order is complete I grab some tissue paper and prepare to wrap!
But first, we need to add a magical Disney postcard and some pretty Mickey confetti to make it like a real present! I try to match the postcards to the ear theme as much as possible but after around 50 Rapunzel orders in a row I'd run out!
packaging luby and lola etsy orders
packing etsy orders how to make them special
To complete, we add a label to close and a thank you sticker too.
lubyandlola magic mail etsy shop packaging ideas
Our order also get a spray of something pretty for another extra little touch.
Usually, a lot of the card I use is what I grab from the Tutu Factory. A lot of the net is wrapped around cardboard so I then use it to keep the ears safe during shipping. 
At the moment during the current pandemic I'm 50 miles away from the Tutu Factory so I'm working my way through a certain size box I don't use very often until I can go back and carry on re-using the old cardboard.
Once sprayed we can put them into the most amazing mailbags you'll ever see!
holographic mail bags give me life
Who wouldn't be excited to have this come through the letter box?!
Sorry if you order more than one pair of ears, you get a boring box... But we try to make the inside as pretty as possible!
I hope you've found it interesting to see the little details we add to try and make receiving your parcel as exciting as possible!
And I want to give a big thank you to Stationary By Hazel who makes these amazing stickers to thank the delivery workers who are still working while we stay safe inside. They make it possible to receive happy post in these times when we really need it. 
thank you delivery drivers royal mail thank you

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