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Your Top 5 - April 2020

Louise Bearder

luby and lola best sellers january 2019
Firstly, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone that purchased from the shop this month. As you know this is our sole income, being a small business from working from home. Everyone has an uncertain future right now and money is tight for us all, so we truly appreciate you still placing orders with us in this time. It's helped us more than you could ever know.
That being said, shall we take a look at what you were loving in April? We hope you enjoyed your Happy Post and were able to brighten your day!


rapunzel pin disney princess pins my heart has ears lubyandlola fantasy pins


Kicking off this awesome Top 5 is our Rapunzel pin from the My Heart Has Ears collection.

We had a bit of a pin sale and we had a lot of love for our favourite girl. This is one of the first pins that I designed myself based on one of our Best Selling ears so it will also have a special place in my heart and it's great to know that you love it too!


lubyandlola fantasy floral crown minnie ears


No is it any shock that these beauties are one of our Best Sellers? We always get comments on how people have loved these after they have received them.

Our Fantasy Floral ears are super popular in either pink or purple. We personally love both shades the same!

These were only created last year but shot straight into our Best Sellers pretty much instantly.



mickey mouse pins rainbow pride mickey pins


Wow, another pin in our Top 5! Who doesn't love Mickey as well as pretty colours?!

A big hit in our pin sale this month were our Mickey Colour Story pins. Can you even choose a favourite version?

Thank you to the awesome Lizi @disneylizney who took these brilliant pics of our pins.

We've collaborated with her on pins before and hope to do again too. You should definitely give her a follow. If you have a pin addiction we cannot be held responsible for your large order of pins after following....



disney bridesmaid ideas disney bride to be hen party headbands


Zooming up the charts this month has been our Floral Bridesmaid ears with flower crown. Just how pretty are they? Definitely good for a more elegant take on a Disney themed hen. 

Some people are also giving them in the little gift boxes when asking your friend to be your bridesmaid, so sweet! We've also added other options such as 'Maid of Honour' and 'Matron of Honour' as well as 'Bride To Be'




What's at Number 1? Will it be ears or a pin?!





floral rapunzel ears with crystal tiara crown minnie mouse headbands luby and lola ears


Duh, ears obviously! Honestly, some days I just make these over and over... I don't mind though I do enjoy making them and I love making the crystals sparkle while I make them so it's a win/win really.

Once again our Floral Rapunzel Crown ears are at the Number 1 spot, just like last month!

We've also just added an option to have your crown in ROSE GOLD glitter. Guys, purple ears and a rose gold crown.... game changer


Have these ears got what it takes to stay your firm favourite 3 months in a row?

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