Our magical ears are shipped out in up to 2 weeks from the UK! Grab a Fast Pass for priority delivery!


Coming Soon!

Lola Hancock

Up until now you have only been able to purchase our products through Etsy. 

We're currently working on this website so you have the choice to purchase from our own online store or Etsy!

Once the website is up and running, you will be able to view ALL of our ears while we will have less over on Etsy. 

This is due to the high fees we are currently having to pay on Etsy. So instead of increasing our prices we're taking this route, which we hope you'll find better for you!

Keep your eyes open on our Instagram to view when the web store will be officially open and maybe even a special discount code?!

Follow us on Instagram at @lubyandlola

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  • Hello, hope you’re having a good weekend.. Just wanted to ask if it would be at all possible to send 2 pairs ears to us by 13th February, for us to take to DLP the next day?..
    We live near to London, I wanted to order before this, but I live with chronic illness and I’ve had S tough few weeks, so I’m all behind sorting our next Disneyland Paris trip 14 Feb-19 Feb.. Not long to go now and as its a birthday trip would love to get some of your beautiful ears to wear.. Please let me know if this can be done, thank you Leanne x

    Leanne THompson

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