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If you've ever fallen in love with a print on our Disney feature wall, here's where you can get your very own!


If we ever take a video of our ears we usually have this wall in the background. People always comment on loving one of the prints so we thought we'd feature all of our prints so you can see where to get your own.

LubyandLola Office Space
This is usually where you'll find me creating and making your ears, as well as packing them up. This means it's easier to film them here so I can grab a video and save it for later. It's also nicer to have a pretty work space as well as 'motivational' quotes for those days. 

LubyandLola Disney Wall
LubyandLola print wall
Who could have a bad day sitting in front of this wall all day?

So... where to start? We've got to start with 'that skyline' print. This is usually a big fave. One of my main favourites doesn't actually get seen on the videos much but is made by the same artist CoconuTacha.  
Disney Skyline Print
I absolutely loved this skyline print when I first found her on Instagram and I literally purchased it within 10 seconds! She does a variety of Disney skylines in her Etsy shop and you can view the listing here.
                                Disneyland 25th Anniversary
This print is actually my favourite favourite CoconuTacha print. I just love the colours, it's so magical! I am actually looking to frame it and place it elsewhere in the house when we move as I love it that much!

View this print in her shop here. If you love our Rapunzel ears she's actually done a print of those too! 
Make sure to follow her on Instagram as she's always offering discount codes!
Kayley's Instagram and Etsy shop are so pretty and colourful. If you follow her on Instagram you'll understand. Everything she does it colourful and happy! And the packaging is so fun!
Even Miracles Take A Little Time
I love this design. I got it for myself as a reminder that I can only work as quickly as I'm already doing and that it's okay to 'take my time' If a Fairy Godmother says so it must be true!

See this magical artwork here.
Disney Castle Artwork KayleyDraws
You can never have too many Disney castles in your life, right? Seeing as I can't look at the real thing everyday I just make do with pretty artwork instead! 

View this castle print here if you need more in your life! These prints were just £4.00 each!

You know this is the one you've been waiting for...
This is what I need to see everyday. But especially on bad days. I know, you'd think making fairytale pretties everyday would be a laugh-a-minute but some days it's not. I can sit back and see this glittery quote and it can remind me. Because a kick ass quote in glitter. WTF not?

This beauty is from OhSquirrel who I've actually followed on Instagram since before Luby&Lola began. Find this print here. I'm looking to add some more to my collection!
I'm a big lover of ohyouprettythingsx shop. They have lots of themed surprise boxes and vintage Disney finds. 
You know I love me a Disney castle! This set also comes with a matching necklace. (There's also a mug too, because you know.. castles!) See this set here.

The 'Follow Your Dreams' quote is also from ohyouprettythingsx but I received it in my Deluxe Tangled Surprise Box. It came at a time where I was considering giving up so I make sure it's in sight at all times!

The Neverland Underground Print is from @disneyisalwaysagoodidea
Unfortunately her Etsy shop is closed as she moves onto new dreams but she's worth a follow on Instagram as she's still blogging about Disney and you never know when she will return to making awesome Disney goodies!
My first Disney purchase since starting Luby&Lola so it will always have a special place in my heart! AND IT GLITTERS SO MUCH.

Honestly, you have no idea of the sparklyness until you have it in 'real life' and another perfect quote to sit in front of me everyday!
This is made by Handmade By Kirsty and you can find this particular design here.
Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty cards are from Clintons Retail.
'I will not compare myself to a stranger on Instagram' (we all do it) is by Emily Coxhead. Her Etsy shop is now closed as she's working on other fun projects but definitely deserves a follow on Instagram!

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