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Not everyone knows but Luby&Lola is not my ‘full time’ job. Laura also has a separate job, as well as two young children that she juggles along with L&L.(I struggle with four pets, never mind children!)  Which is why we’re not always around to answer your messages straight away.

So I thought I’d give you a glimpse at what I get up to at the day job. You’ll see it’s not actually too different from L&L as it’s still filling the world with Minnie Mouse ears! I work at the family business with my mum and auntie at the Tutu Factory. So it’s still making and creating, which also means it isn’t a normal 9-5 ‘day job’ Laura also helps out at the Tutu Factory with messages too, she’s a machine!

Now, we’re called the ‘Tutu Factory’ but most of my time is packing up veils lately. It’s all I seem to do at the moment! I thought I’d share which veils I packed up in just one afternoon. So, these are from about 2-3 hours of packing up ready to post out that afternoon. The morning consisted of me cutting out all the veils and various tutus so packing orders was a nice change. Below you’ll see that we still have lots of Minnie ears even at the day job! DISNEY IS LIFE.



Veil 1 – True Love’s Kiss Minnie Veil

This was a super 30″ long white sparkly veil with silver ears and tiara. This is a popular choice at the moment. And perfect for brides that don’t want a typical Minnie Mouse veil. One Bride To be wore this for a weekend in Disneyland Paris as well as with a pretty white dress for her 2nd Hen Night when she returned home.




Veil 2 – Once Upon A Dream Minnie Mouse veil

Made with black ears, a red sparkle bow and 25″ long white sparkle veil. This customer also had 25 matching black and red sparkle bow ears.



Veil 3 – Aye Aye Captain!

This veil is super popular at the moment. A cute sailor hat with a 30″ long white sparkly veil



Veil 4 – Vintage Minnie Mouse Veil

Made with traditional black Minnie Mouse ears with a polka dot bow. This version had a plain 15″ long veil.



Veil 5 – Once Upon A Dream Minnie Mouse Veil

This order was in our silver ears, baby blue sparkle bow and a 25″ long veil. They also had 5 pairs of Minnie Mouse ears with different coloured bows. Maybe for them to be different princesses and the Bride to be cinderella?



Veil 6 – Wanderlust Bridal Veil 

Another popular veil for us. We’re sure we’ll be getting a lot more orders of these the closer we get to summer! Perfect for beach brides or festival hens!



Veil 7 – Neon Madonna Veil

Yep, another popular veil… This Neon Madonna is a huge favourite for Hens, especially 80s or neon themes. It is so colourful and pretty. A lot of our tutus are usually in these three colours too.



Veil 8 – custom order

A pair of Luby&Lola ears with a 30″ long white sparkly veil.



Veil 9 – Wanderlust Flower Crown Veil

Yes – another one! The cream rose crown is the most popular choice. The baby pink one earlier is actually quite an unusual choice.


Veil 10 – Neon Madonna Veil

Another day, another Madonna veil…



Veil 11 – Minnie Me Veil

Silver Minnie Mouse ears with a short 15″ white sparkle veil. Good budget option!

15″ is a popular length but personally we think the veils look much better at around 20-25 inches long.



Veil 12 – Wanderlust Bridal Veil

Yessss another cream rose crown veil… this time with a plain white veil at 25 inches long



Veil 13 – 2 Colour Madonna Veil

A change of colours! Yay! This time in baby pink and white.



Veil 14 – Minnie Me Veil

Silver ears with a 20″ long plain white veil



Veil 15 – White Cascade Veil

3 layers of plain white with a cute silver tiara. Perfect add on for any bride.



Veil 16 – Once Upon A Dream Minnie Mouse Veil

Looks so cute with a pretty white dress – great if the bride doesn’t want to do full on fancy dress. Silver ears and matching white sparkle bow and short veil.



Veil 17 – True Love’s Kiss Minnie Mouse Veil

Some days I think we stock all Disney themed hen nights with the amount of Minnie veils and ears we send out in a week!

This one is made of silver ears, a silver tiara and a short 15″ long white sparkly veil.



Veil 18 – Oh look! Another Neon Madonna Veil!



Veil 19 – Oh it’s another…. oh no wait!

We’ve got different colours this time! Neon pink and white. Very pretty and girly.



Veil 20 – Wanderlust Bridal Veil

Look at us getting a chance to mix things up! Yep, another one of these beauties! Cream rose crown with a long boho veil in plain white. Just need a beach now!



Veil 21 – Minnie Me Bridal Veil

Another day, another Minnie Me. This one is silver ears and a 20″ long plain white veil



Veil 22 – Minnie Me Minnie Veil

This time with black sparkly ears and a 20″ long white sparkle veil



Veil 23 – Traditional Minnie Mouse Veil

This one is with a 25″ long plain white veil. These look really nice with a Minnie Mouse costume or even just a polka dot skirt for a traditional ‘Minnie’ look.



Veil 24 – Once Upon A Dream Minnie Veil

We don’t get this colour combination very often! Light pink ears, candy pink sparkle bow and white sparkle veil.


Veil 25 – Minnie Me Bride to Be Veil

Another version with silver ears but this time with a short 15″ ivory veil!



Veil 26 – True Love’s Kiss Minnie Mouse Veil

By now you’re a professional at guessing this veil! Silver ears with silver tiara and short 15″ long white sparkle veil!



Veil 27 – Boho Wanderlust Veil

It actually gets quite exciting when we get to use a different flower crown than cream! This one is lilac with a 20″ long plain white veil



Veil 28 – Part Of Your World Minnie Mouse Veil

Yay a different version! This is actually based on a deluxe version we did years ago. If you’ve ever searched for Minnie Mouse veils on Pintrest you’ll have certainly seen them (but no one ever gives us credit!)

Made with silver ears, a silver tiara and a 3 layer Tutu Factory ‘cascade’ style veil in white sparkle. It’s a really poofy and fun veil, with lots of sparkle and glam. Perfect if the bride wants to do a Disney theme but doesn’t want to wear a Minnie outfit.



Veil 29 – Custom order

Requested a veil to be added to our Boho Minnie Mouse ears. Silver Minnie Mouse ears, cream rose crown and 25″ long white sparkle veil. Might even add them to the website as it looks lovely. A different veil for Disney brides!



Veil 30 – Budget Minnie Mouse ears and Tiara

Okay, so it’s not a veil exactly but not everyone wants to wear a veil. This is great for brides as well as birthday girls. A princess headband for every occasion!



Veil 31 – Neon Madonna Veil

Well we hadn’t done one for half an hour. We were getting withdrawal symptoms…


Veil 32 – True Love’s Kiss Minnie Mouse Ears and Veil

Silver ears, silver tiara and a 25″ long white sparkle veil


Veil 33 – True Love’s Kiss Minnie Mouse Long Veil

Silver ears and tiara with a super long 30″ ivory sparkle veil


Veil 34 – Aye Aye Captain Sailor Veil

Cute Captain’s hat with a short 15″ long white veil


Veil 35 – Madonna Veil

Oh it’s so exciting, we’ve not done this colour combination before. Sadly it doesn’t show through too well via photos. But it was a mix of baby blue and white with a white bow. It did have quite a Cinderella feel to it, which was really lovely.



Veil 36 – Once Upon A Dream Minnie Mouse Veil

We usually get a lot of these veils ordered with about 20-30 Minnie Mouse ears because they go together. There’s lots of colours to choose for the bows so the girls usually have black ears with one colour and the bride to be has this veil with a silver ear version and matching bow. This look would be great if the rest of the girls are also in red and black and the bride is tying in with the red bow but still making sure she’s standing out like the princess she is!


Veil 37 – True Love’s Kiss Minnie Mouse Ears

With black ears this time and a 15″ long white sparkle veil. We haven’t had many black Minnie Mouse ear veils this week, whereas last week we hardly had any silver versions!


Veil 38- True Love’s Kiss Minnie Veil

Another silver version with a 25″ long white sparkle veil


Veil 39 – Madonna Veil

Oh yes, they don’t stay away for long! The neon pink and white version is getting to be almost as popular as the multi colour version!


Veil 40 – Once Upon A Dream Minnie Mouse Veil

This one is with silver ears, an ivory sparkle bow and matching short ivory sparkle veil at 15″ long.



Veil 41 – Neon Raver Hen Night Veil

Custom colours of kelly green and white in a 3 layer cascade style veil. I have a suspicion that this may possibly be an Irish theme..


Veil 42 – True Love’s Kiss Minnie Veil

Black ears with a 25″ long white sparkly veil


So there you go! A little bit of what I’m up to in the day when I’m not doing Luby&Lola

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