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Is it Halloween soon or not..?

Well, it's almost October and our most popular Minnie ears are... Christmas ears. ALREADY. WHAT IS GOING ON?


gingerbread minnie mouse headband

In all seriousness, you super organised people. I love you. 

Our Christmas Extravaganza ears are literally a pair of ears where we threw everything Christmassy at them and see what stuck! 😂

We've got a Mickey and Minnie gingerbread, candy canes, Christmas trees, snowflakes, pom poms, crystals... GLITTER... FLUFF... I don't think we could actually add anything more.


gingerbread mickey headband uk

Now, last year we only had the mixed pink option. Designed especially for the pink princess @emmasallyh but now you can have whatever colour you want! And we are SO excited. 


red and green christmas headband disney ears luby and lola uk

We love the outcome of a red and green version, don't you?

mickey and minnie christmas headband lubyandlola

This version with the red and black squares was created to match a customer's dress!

pink christmas minnie mouse ears lubyandlola ears

Our mixed pink version is definitely still the most popular option. I actually get excited when I get the chance to do a different colour 😂

Below you can see our gorge babe, Emma wearing them at Christmas!

merry christmas ears minnie headband lubyandlola


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