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Last Week's Makes

Louise Bearder


Luby and Lola Minnie mouse ears uk

What kind of magic have we conjured up this week? Let's take a peek and find out!

Custom Name princess ears Luby and Lola


I had the pleasure of creating these beautiful princess ears with a very special friend in mind, and they're truly fit for royalty! The lilac sequin ears are absolutely stunning, and I added some glitter gold corona suns and metallic golden rope trim to give them a regal touch. The final touch was the pink and gold glitter foam squares with the name 'Princess Shenley' in a fairytale font. 


Monsters Inc fluffy Minnie mouse ears lubyandlola

Every week I find myself creating a new pair of these fluffy Sulley ears, so it's no surprise that another set has arrived!


Birthday girl Minnie mouse ears black and green ears

It's been another amazing week at our Birthday workshop, and we've had the pleasure of creating one of our most popular designs - the Birthday Girl Ears - in a unique and exciting colorway! This time, we got to create a pair that had black sequin ears with vibrant green lettering in two shades, and we absolutely adore how the green pops against the black. It's always so much fun to switch things up and create something new, and we're thrilled with how these ears turned out!

Birthday  disney ears lilo and stitch birthday party Luby and Lola Minnie mouse ears


We've been having so much fun creating new birthday ears, and our latest additions are just *chef's kiss* perfect!

Our Stitch Birthday Girl Ears are gaining popularity fast (yay!), and we just made another Birthday Girl pair with a rose pink sequin base and mixed pink lettering.

But wait, there's more! We also created a pair of Birthday Bow Ears with a gorgeous lilac sequin bow and matching glittery "lilac 18" on the bow. It's just too cute!


Rapunzel Minnie mouse ears uk Luby and Lola Minnie mouse ears

Ooh, guess what's on our Make List again? You guessed it - more Rapunzel ears! Because let's face it, she's just the best.

This week, we've added a new spin to our Sequin Rapunzel ears with a gorgeous purple color. They're simply stunning!

But wait, there's more! We received a special request to add some golden glitter corona suns to our Tangled Ears, and oh my Disney, they turned out even more beautiful than we could have imagined.

Floral Minnie mouse ears uk Luby and Lola Minnie mouse ears uk

As we're heading into wedding season, we're delighted to see more of our stunning floral ears!

We always get excited when we make our Pastel Rose ears, they're so pretty and remind us of sunny days ahead!

Be sure to check back with us next week to see what other beautiful creations we come up with for our amazing customers (and the ones we remember to snap photos of!) Magical things are coming your way!
















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