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L&L Feedback Friday - March 2020

feedback friday lubyandlola reviews march 2020


We absolutely love our job, but there’s nothing better than hearing about your experience and reading your reviews.

We are so pleased when you take the time to give us feedback - it really means a lot to us.

Check out our reviews from March 2020!

I've only included reviews with comments than just 5 stars. But still March was a slow month due to the world pandemic (writing this in April and we're still going...)

But I thought I'd take the time to chat about feedback on my Etsy shop. Have a look below and you can see that we've made a whopping 7,579 sales on Etsy. How insane is that?!

(I'm viewing it from my mum's account to get a screenshot, I've not favourited my own shop guys I promise!)

lubyandlola etsy shop feedback

I mean over 7K sales on etsy alone is a lot isn't it!

But if you check out the image below you can see that our reviews amount to just over 1000.

A lot of people don't actually tend to leave reviews. I think mostly you get people that leave a review when they're either super happy with their order or they were really unhappy with the service. 

I'll always leave a review on Etsy as I buy a lot from my friends who run their own business and I want to make sure other people love them too. But I will admit, I can't remember the last time I left a review on eBay and I purchase from there weekly. 

Do you always leave reviews? Is it something you like to do?

We wanna know!




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