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May Your Dreams Come True

Louise Bearder

dream come true day quote
It's Make Your Dreams Come True Day! Yes, it's a thing! ✨
We would all love a magic lamp or a fairy godmother to make your dreams come true. But it is up to us to make our dreams come true!
On top of everyday life and everything else, sometimes our dreams fall to the wayside. Or maybe you don't believe in yourself enough to think you could ever achieve you dream.
Today is the day for us to put on our positive pants and take even just the tiniest step towards achieving our dreams. It doesn't matter how small or how big you think that your dream is, as long as it is something important to you, I want you to know that you deserve it, and I believe in you.
Now you need to believe in yourself too!
Now where to start? 
  • Start a list. You could start a list of dreams or even steps towards your dreams. Lists really help get your thoughts and ideas in order.
  • Make a project plan, and create deadlines for you to work towards. Break the dream down into small manageable steps.
  • Have some positive quotes and words written on paper about your dream, stick them on the wall as a way of self-encouragement.
  • Follow people that want the same things as you, or inspire/motivate you. ALWAYS surround yourself in positivity and open to learning new things.
  • Make a Dream Board - Pinterest is great for this! As you'll get suggestions for related pins and will find lots of blog posts that way too!


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