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National Bird Day!

Louise Bearder

birds of disney


Happy National Bird Day! Today is a day to celebrate the birds around us, as well as recognising some bird species that are under threat.

Birds are actually my favourite animal (okay, maybe joint with doggos) I currently have a lovebird called Rocco. You can either have them in pairs, of by having just one they tend to 'bond' with you a lot more and need a lot of love and attention. 

He is very like Stitch as he loves to destroy and get up to things that he shouldn't. As soon as he sees my iPad that he knows he isn't allowed to touch, it is all that he wants! 

He tends to pop up on my stories a lot, so if you want to follow his adventures make sure that you're following us on Instagram


     rocco and lola


Here you can see him helping us with pumpkin carving, trying to destroy sticker orders and posing with me!

Don't believe everything that Disney told you, animal helpers are not a real thing. He loves to 'help' with everything but usually it takes 3X as long or he ends up trying to destroy whatever you're doing OR deciding he now owns that spoon and will not let you touch it to make that cuppa 😂


lovebird helping with blood pressure


Here he is helping my dad take his blood pressure. Looks cute, doesn't he? Seconds later he's chewing that wire so the test has to be done again 😂

iago quotes selfie funny

There are sooo many birds in Disney! I actually didn't realise there were so many! Did you? Iago is definitely one of my favourites, as well as the OG Donald and Daisy. (special shoutout to my grumpy babes Archimedes!)


And can we also appreciate just how pretty the birds are from Snow White and Cinderella? SO NICE!

prettiest disney princess birds
So I'm sure it's no surprise to you to find that I will find any excuse to include birds in my sticker designs! Check out Stitch below as Iago in our Aladdin collection. You can purchase our stickers in our Etsy Shop here.
stitch dressed as iago sticker lubyandlola








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