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Monday Quarantine Motivation: Even miracles take a little time...

Louise Bearder

Monday Motivation Disney Quotes Motivation


even miracles take a little time quarantine life


I know it's hard right now, we're all missing friends and family that we haven't been able to see for weeks. Our futures are uncertain and we're all questioning when it will be over. And most importantly... WHEN WE CAN GO TO DISNEY AGAIN. 


But as the Fairy Godmother said - 


even miracles take a little time motivational quotes for your monday quarantine


Better times are ahead! And really, how easy is it for us to stay safe? Sitting at home with our Disney+ and a fridge full of snacks we really shouldn't have put in the trolley. 

So do we want a sparkling princess dress by our Fairy Godmother that comes with a magical carriage and glass slippers? Or a dress made up by some of our handy animal helpers? I know it was still an awesome dress but come on, that dress and those shoes?! NEED.

So when we wait just that little bit longer we get a much better outcome, for all of us. And we'll finally get to head down Main Street again and see our castle. Just imagine how good it's going to feel knowing we can finally go HOME.

So sit back, grab those snacks and pop on another Disney movie while we wait for it to be safe to go out once again while our Fairy Godmother finishes working on that miracle for us. 


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