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Our Top 10 Ears of 2017!

Wow, it's hard to believe we're at the end of 2017 already!

We can't wait to see what new adventures 2018 holds but before all that. Let's see which ears were the favourites!

Before that, what were last years top 3? If you can see below our Belle, Cinderella and Ariel inspired ears were the Best Sellers last year. 

LubyandLola Best Sellers Top 3 2016 Minnie Mouse Ears

So can anyone guess which pair will grab the number 1 spot this year?



Minne Mouse Ears With Custom Sequin Bow - LubyandLola Top 10 2017 Best Sellers


Straight in at number 10 are our Minnie Ears with custom colour sequin bow. There's lots of colours to choose from so it's a great add on to any outfit on a Disney trip! Not only that, they're a good budget option - cheap and cheerful!

And with 3 different gold shades to choose from it's no wonder they were the favourite colours chosen.



 Rapunzel Outfit Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears

Rapunzel is one of our very favourites and this is a twist on a popular pair of another pair of Tangled ears. Half of one pf these ears is full of paper flowers with another ear having 'corset detail' inspired by Punzie's outfit. It's a cheaper version of our deluxe Rapunzel ears so it was always going to be popular!

Perfect for a sunny outfit for any Rapunzel fan.


Rosie Rapunzel Minnie Mouse Ears Top 10 Best Sellers 2017 LubyandLola ears


In at number 8 is another pair of Rapunzel ears! Our Rosie Rapunzel ears, made with a mix of foam and paper roses. I must admit, I'm shocked to see these here because I didn't feel like I'd done that many of these this year.... but apparently I did! Not sure where I was when this happened 😂😂


Cinderella Minnie Mouse Ears Top 10 Best Sellers LubyandLola 2017


These simple Cinderelly ears made with a satin bow and diamante crown were very popular for hen weekends! (Imagine being lucky enough to spend your hen at Disney?!) Most popular bow colours were the light blue shown or a white bow for a Bride To Be.


 Handmade Beauty and the Beast Minnie Mouse Ears LubyandLola top 10 Ears 2017

They were at the Number One spot in 2016! Now they're at the Number Six spot?!

Our Beauty and the Beast inspired ears are made with glitter fabric so they're FULL ON sparkly. Finished off with a sparkle golden yellow bow and rose detail. They make you think of Belle's dress which makes them perfect for any Belle fan or DisneyBound outfit.


Rose Gold Sequin Minnie Mouse Ears with Blush Pink Satin Bow LubyandLola Ears

It's all been about rose gold this year - we're obsessed! 

There was a lot of combinations for these sequin minnie ears but the most popular was rose gold ears with a blush pink satin bow. Super girly!


minnie mouse ears with burgundy satin bow by lubyandlola ears

We're not surprised to see these at number four as we do so many of them weekly!

These Minnie Mouse ears with custom bow are perfect to add to an outfit because you can match the bow to your favourite character or Disney clothing. They're also really popular for hen nights too.


 fluffy marie aristocats inspired minnie mouse ears by lubyandlola

In the top three, unsurprisingly is our fluffy Marie Minnie Mouse Ears!

Marie has been everywhere and on everything this year so it's no wonder she's inspired one of our top three ears! We also know for a fact that Marie loves these ears too!


Number 2 Best Seller 2017 Minnie Mouse Ears LubyandLola

Hitting the number 2 spot this year is our super sparkly crystal Minnie Mouse ears!

These are made with AB crystals that sparkle different colours in the light for a full bling feel! They've available with a huge variety of colour bows to match your outfit. No wonder they're in at the Number 2 spot!


So what are our best selling pair or ears of 2017?






Number 1 best seller lubyandlola ears 2017

The top selling Minnie Mouse ears of 2017 are our Rapunzel ears!

These are one of our personal favourites anyway that we designed for our own personal use. It's so awesome that everyone else likes them too!

These Tangled inspired ears are covered with a variety of paper flowers with a custom colour satin bow.



Thank you to everyone for your continued support this year! We wouldn't be here, living the dream without each and everyone of you. 


Here's to another amazing Disney filled year. Who knows what will be in our Top 10 next year!










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